Maipú - Wine Tour

We begin with a visit to two wineries, their vineyards, and tour their winemaking rooms, and cellars where the aging of the wine happens in oak barrels and later on, when the wine is bottled and corked, they are stored in those same cellars that have the ideal conditions (darkness, humidity and consistent temperature) in order to acquire their final qualities while enhancing the aromas and flavors that wine lovers can appreciate. After finishing this visit, a gourmet lunch is organized that includes a range of wine lines in order to have the chance to put into practice all the newly acquired knowledge about tasting.

The choice of the wineries will be done together according to the desired expectations. We will discuss the characteristics of each winery in the region. If you do not have preferences, our specialists will recommend you the most balanced alternative, so that you can experience a complete wine experience.

Recommended wineries: